Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
30 november 2016

Help family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor, Russia-Ukraine war veteran: wife Maryna and daughter Kira


"He wanted to protect me, daughter and Ukraine, and now I have to continue his work" 

"Good, thoughtful and brave warrior who could protect, comfort and support. The best husband and father", says Maryna Sydor about her husband, a fallen Ukraine soldier of Aydar Battalion Oleh Sydor (call sign Skiff), deceased in The Donbass during Russia-Ukraine war. After the tragedy, the death of her husband, this courageous woman decided to go to the front, where her beloved died, in order to continue the work of her husband: to protect our country and children. 

Because of his active social position, Oleh Sydor started his fight for justice and freedom even before the Revolution of Dignity. In January 2014, he continued the struggle for Ukraine in Maidan, the capital's Independence Square, where he first entered the 7th Hundred of Transcarpathian division of self-defence, and subsequently, headed the unit of rapid response Hawk. He took p[art in all of the most important battles on the Maidan. And then the Russia-Ukraine war started in the Donbas. 

"He might not go to the East, but he realized that he needed to defend the country", says Maryna. Oleh Sydor was a volunteer of the Aydar battalion from the time of its foundation. He was wounded several times. To recover and stay with family, he several times came home. "He told me about what he had experienced in the east. Oleh was a patriot, with a brave heart, brave and courageous defender", says Maryna. 

Almost two years have passed since the death of Oleh, but Maryna’s heart still pains. "I have long spoken about Oleh as a living. Everyone said to me that you cannot do so, you need to let go. I was able to do it only when I visited the city where Oleh was", says Maryna Sydor, the wife of a fallen Ukraine soldier. The woman signed a contract with the 128th detached mountain infantry brigade, to be able to go to Starobilsk in the land where her husband was and where he found his eternal rest. 

Kira, the daughter of the fallen Ukraine soldier accepted her mother's choice. "Kira told me that if it was necessary and important to you go there," said the wife of the deceased. So when the mother went to the zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Kira already went to school. She always remembers her dad and wants him back. The girl also daily calls her mother and tells how her day has passed and waits for her mother to finally return so that they are back together. As Oleh Sydor was one of the first volunteers, his family has not yet received support from the government. To live without a breadwinner and protector is difficult. Kira is growing fast, so she needs clothes. And Maryna Sydor wants to finish the house that they started to build with Oleh. Let's help the family of Ukraine soldier in the hard times.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Sydor Oleh

Transcarpathian region
24th detached assault battalion Aydar
38 y.o.
03.15.1977 - 09.01.2015
Killed January 9, 2015 near the town of in Shchastia, Luhansk region, Donbas, east Ukraine.
Position: Commander of storm troopers "Hawk."

Division: 24th dtached assault battalion Aydar.

A former soldier, did his military service in landing troops as a scout sniper, then served under the contract. He was an active participant of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in the 8th "Afghan" hundreds of Self-Defence of Maidan of the rapid response. Later, he volunteered for the front in the Russia-Ukraine war, was a member of almost all battles of Aydar.

Circumstances of the death: Killed January 9, 2015, around 3:00 near the city of Luhansk in Shchastia.

Marital status: wife and daughter


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