Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
2 december 2016

Help the family of Ukraine soldier, Mykhailo Volianiuk, fallen in Russia-Ukraine war zone: wife Hanna and two children, son Denis and daughter Anastasia

Family photos


"He lived for his wife, children and country, and defended them until the end"


"My husband was a very good, responsive, kind person. He loved his family, but did not have much time for the family, as was a professional soldier and was always in the dislocation of his unit. We are proud of our father and husband. All that we have is thanks to Mykhailo. And his death became an irreparable loss for us", says about her husband, a member of Russia-Ukraine war, Mykhailo Volianiuk, his wife, Hanna.


Mykhailo Volianiuk, since childhood, dreamed of being a military man. And though, at first, his parents did not welcome this choice in the future, they supported his son, and he always remained true to his dreams and never had been sorry about it. "He really liked the military service. It was a matter of life. He had always told me that all would be fine. So it was during peacekeeping operations and service in war zones", says Hanna.


During the marriage, Mykhailo and Hanna did everything together, helped and supported each other. With the second child - daughter Nastia, Mykhailo devoted to her all the care and attention. "Our children were very happy when Dad came home from work. We sat down to dinner together with every opportunity", says the wife of the fallen Ukraine soldier.


Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Mykhailo Volianiuk was sent to the area of Kramatorsk, Donbas, east Ukraine. "When I learned of it, he began to worry too; I did not want him to go there. Instead, Mykhailo persuaded me that everything would be fine. He was even glad about such a fate, because he liked the army, and it was his next challenge", says Hanna. After a few months in the East of Ukraine, Mykhailo phoned to his wife and said he felt an unbearable pain in his stomach. "I just told him he went to the hospital for examination, to which he replied that he could not do it, because if there was something serious, he would be put on a treatment but he could not leave his guys. Knowing that he was stubborn, I myself, here in Uzhgorod, went to the doctor, described the symptoms, he ordered the medicines I was purchasing them for Mykhailo and sent to him to the war area", says Hanna Volianiuk.


But the drugs helped Mykhailo only for a short time, and then pain was back. His body could not withstand such burden, and the man began to faint. Mykhailo was brought to the Kharkiv military hospital where was operated on. The conclusion of the doctors was disappointing: stomach cancer on the lethal stage. "Mykhailo knew about the diagnosis, I contacted all the doctors and asked not to tell him, because when he returned home after the hospital, he told me that if he had known that he was terminally ill, he would have immediately gone back to the front. I wanted him to be at home with me and the children", says Hanna weeping.


The death of Mykhailo Volianiuk became a severe loss for the family. Children: 15-year-old Denis and 6-year-old Anastasia are very sad, often call for daddy. They loved him and believed that he would recover to the last.

Now, Mykhailo's wife, Hanna, with her children live in a public apartment, the place of service men. The state funds allocated to them were enough for the funeral and helped with the repair of the ceiling that leaked. The family lost the most precious thing: the husband and father, who would not return. But living without him is hard. The children grow quickly, they need clothes, and Hanna wants to install a monument to her husband, which he deserved. Let's together help the family of Mykhailo Volianiuk who defended us to the last.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Volianiuk Mykhailo

Transcarpathian region
40 y.o.
20.11.1976 - 09.05.2016
He served in the Russia-Ukraine war area in Kramatorsk district, east Ukraine.
Ensign. Paeriod of Ukraine Army service - 21 years. Was on peacekeeping missions. Did his service in the Russia-Ukraine war near Kramatorsk, Donbas, east Ukraine.


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