Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 december 2016

Help the family of Ukranian soldier Alexander Cherniavsky, fallen in the Donbas, Eastern Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war: wife Olena and son Ivan

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"With Alexander’s death all our dreams have died and the life has lost the meaning. I know that I have to raise her son, who is even harder than me..." 

"A wonderful husband, father and friend. He always supported and helped me in every way. We were a happy family, but now, I remained alone with our son, he remained without a father, and I remained without my dear one", says Olena Cherniavska, the wife of a fallen Ukrainian Army soldier Alexander Cherniavsky of the 12the detached regiment of operational support. 

Alexander and Olena saw each other for the first time at the age of 10, while resting in a summer camp. Their next meeting happened 8 years later. 

Then the youth decided to stay together. And soon, they got married and celebrated the birth of their son, who was named Ivan. 

"After the birth of the son we became even closer. We spent time together. Alexander and Ivan taught me to fish and I taught them to collect mushrooms. We spent much time enjoying outdoor activities. And also, my husband was fond of growing flowers. We had a lot of different plants at home, our friends were amazed with this and came to see what Alexander plated this time", says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian Army soldier, fallen in Russian-Ukrainian war in the East of Ukraine. 

Alexander Cherniavsky served in the Ukraine Army by contract in the 12th detached regiment of operational security. And a few months after the Russian aggression, his regiment went to the East, to the Donbas. 

Olena Cherniavska says that on the eve of the death of Alexander, she was feeling unwell like the anticipating the death; in the morning, sadness and anxiety settled in the heart of a woman. "In the evening we talked with Alexander and he said he would go on a mission in the convoy to the area where there was no connection, so I would not be worried. He was to return my call, but it did not happen. Instead, my brother called and said that Alexander went missing in the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict. First I did not believe it, I called his commander and he confirmed that there were losses - wounded and dead, but my husband was not among them. He was found only a few days later and taken to the morgue in the Dnipro. And before that I had a phone call from Alexander’s phone number; some separatist called me and said that Alexander was not alive", says Olena, the wife of a fallen Ukrainian Army soldier. 

Alexander Cherniavsky died on a mission while convoying a column, while convoying a column, which was by-way from town Debaltseve to town Luhansk; the column fell into an ambush near the village of Nyzhnie Lozove. 

Now Olena Cherniavska, with 8-year-old son Ivan is living in an apartment, received from the state. After the death of their husband and father, their lives completely changed. At first, Ivan was crying so much, refused to go outside to play and did not want to live. His health got worse. It's been a year and a half since the death of Alexander, but the sorrow is not receding. Ivan is still waiting for his father, who has left this world forever. Find the opportunity to help the Ukrainian Army soldier’s family Cherniavsky Alexander, who died defending Ukraine from the Russian invasion. They need home appliances: a water heater, a washing machine and a wardrobe, and also winter shoes for the boy.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Cherniavsky Alexander

Zhytomyr region
Sergeant, 144th detached battalion of NBC protection
29 y.o.
09.04.1986 - 15.02.2015
He died February 15, 2015 on the road from town Debaltseve to town Luhansk, Donbass, zone of Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
Rank: Senior Sgt.

Position: Driver-mechanic of CBR machine.

Division: 144th detached battalion of NBC protection.

Died Feb. 15, 2015 while convoying a column, which was by-way from town Debaltseve to town Luhansk; the column fell into an ambush near the village of Nyzhnie Lozove.

Marital status: parents, wife and son.

By the Ukraine President Decree number 311/2015 of 4 June 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", he was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).


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