Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
20 december 2016

Help family of Meruzh Miroshnychenko, fallen Ukrainian Army soldier: wife Taisiya and two sons Meruzh and Spartac

Family photos


"Every minute my children remind me of my Meruzh and our happy past. Only for them I live" 

Meruzh Miroshnychenko was one of the first Ukrainian volunteers who were killed in the East, in the crucible of war. The man changed his name in honour of Prince Meruzh who died in battle and saved the army, as if feeling his vision in life. "Meruzh always said that he did not want war to come to the streets Zaporizhzhia, so he volunteered to the East. Thanks to him and thousands of others like him, we can live a common life, but unfortunately, no hugs and support from beloved father", said Taisiya ​​Parshenko, wife of a DUK soldier (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps) killed by Russia-supportd separatists, Meruzh Miroshnychenko. 

"Always friendly, cheerful, caring and gentle", the first thing Taisiya said about her husband. 

After the birth of Meruzh, jr. (so Meruzh Miroshnychenko called his son) the responsibility to ensure the family fell on the husband, he worked hard, but always hurried home because he knew the family were waiting for him, his dearest ones in warmth and comfort. "We always planned our life. Meruzh was a purposeful man. When he had spare time, we tried to relax together, we went to the park, to the cinema, went to the sea, went riding on a sled, played at home board games (chess, dominoes, Monopoly) or collected together children’s kit. Our son grew up in a family where love and harmony prevailed. When Meruzh jr. (son) studied in the 3rd class, the teacher asked the children: how do you begin your day? – Some said with the clock, some with coffee and so on. And ours answered – with kisses, and that surprised the teacher", says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian Army soldier. 

When the war began, Meruzh Miroshnychenko, decided to volunteer to the East. "None of the family did know, I was in the last months of pregnancy and he suggested me to go visit my mother, I agreed. The son was sent to a sports camp, and Meruzh went to the Donbas", recalls Taisiya. 

Since then, in the summer of 2014, there was not any legislative framework for the volunteers in our state, so now Taisiya and two children of the deceased volunteer for the war Meruzha Miroshnychenko - 12-year-old Meruzh and 2-year-old Spartak, who was born after his father's death have to defend their right to decent social protection in the court. Now they are receiving social assistance for survivors, but its size is insufficient. The children often talk about their father, weep and mourn for him. They need to repair their home, a washing machine, a new gas stove, beds and clothes. Do not leave the family of the deceased volunteer Meruzh Miroshnychenko: wife Taisiya and two wonderful sons Meruzh and Spartak alone with their grief. 

Bank requisites:

PARSHENKO Taisiya Leontievna TAISIIA PARSHENKO 4188370027449068 (Raiffeisen Bank Aval)

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Miroshnychenko Meruzh

Zaporizhzhia region
Ukrainian Volunteer Corps
30 y.o.
17.11.1984 - 12.08.2014
Died Aug. 12, 2014, fell into an ambush on a checkpoint near the station Mandrykyne in Donetsk, Russia-Ukraine war zone.
Date and place of birth: November 17, 1984, іуеедуьуте Akimovka, Zaporizhzhia region.

Date and place of death: August 12, 2014, the Mandrykyne station near Donetsk, east Ukraine, area of Rissian-Ukrainian war.

Subdivision: Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.

Circumstances of the death: Killed in the afternoon, August 12, 2014, when the bus of DUK (Volunteer Ujrainian Corps) fighters was ambushed at a checkpoint in Donetsk region on the bypass road near the railway station Mandrykyne.

Marital status: Remaining mother, younger brother, pregnant wife and 9-year-old son (second son was born after the death of his father).

Place of burial: town Akimovka, Zaporizhzhia region.