Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
21 december 2016

Help the family of Oleg Yermak, fallen Ukraine Army soldier: wife Kateryna and daughter Nadiya

Family photos


"Oleg died in hospital, in my eyes... I said to my daughter that her dad has become a star and now is shining to us from heaven..."

"Oleg was cheerful and fair, always supported and helped me. He valued his friends. Respected his subordinates. In any situation, remained prudent and had a great sense of humour. He was a true officer, husband and father", first thing that Kateryna Yermak tells about her deceased husband, a Ukrainian Army officer, major at the 30th detached mechanized brigade Oleg Yermak.

Soon after the marriage, the young happy family gave birth to daughter Nadiya. "When Oleg found out I was pregnant he at once said that during the childbirth he will be with me. He was next to me all the time, helped and supported. It happened that after the birth of our daughter, I fell ill. And Oleg actually took over all the duties and care about me and about Nadiya ", says the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier. The woman says that her husband spent much time at work and all his free time he devoted to her and their daughter.

"We loved long walks out-of-doors, often went to the parents, we actually never stayed at home. My husband’s profession made us lead an active lifestyle. He loved sports, played football with friends. And he taught our daughter to swim, it was her dream. Also he instilled in her a love of nature. Together they fed the birds in winter. And also, Nadiya loves horses. This is also from her daddy", says Oleg Yermak’s wife.

Since the start of the war in the east of Ukraine, Oleg Yermak was very worried about the country's future and his family. The man realized that the war was inevitable, and his duty was to protect his land and family. Together with his friends, Oleg Yermak went to the Russia-Ukraine war zone on the first days. He phoned home every time he had opportunity. Kateryna says that he never told what he experienced there: "I was always very nervous, because the 30th Brigade had many casualties. But Oleg asked not to worry and promised that everything would be fine".

Last, Katheryna and Nadiya saw their husband and dad two weeks before his death. A few days later there was a call from Oleg’s friend, who told Kateryna the tragic news – her husband was wounded during a combat mission in Artemivsk and was now in intensive care. The woman tried as soon as she could to see her dear one. Instantly, she packed and left home, and the minute she entered the hospital room Oleg died. "He died in my eyes. I hoped to the end that the doctors would save him. But the miracle did not happen", barely holding back her tears Kateryna Yermak says.

The state helped the family of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier Oleg Yermak by paying the compensation. But the family do not have their own housing, they are waiting in a que, so they have to rent it. The baby is growing rapidly, she needs new clothes and shoes. And also, Nadiya dreams of rollers and a bicycle. Let's together make the dreams of the daughter of the deceased Ukraine soldier come true. 

KATERYNA YERMAK 4188370027445082 (Raiffeisen Bank "Aval")

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Yermak Oleg

Zhytomyr region
Major, 30th Detached Mechanized Brigade, Battalion Chief of Staff
33 y.o.
04.03.1982 - 10.23.2015
Was wounded during a combat mission in Artemivsk, died in the intensive care department in a hospital.
Rank: Major.

Position: Chief of staff of the battalion.

Division: 30th Detached Mechanized Brigade.

By the Ukraine President Decree number 663/2015 of 25 November 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defence of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath" Oleg Yermak was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree (posthumously).


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