Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
29 december 2014

Wife of the fallen Valentina with two daughters (3 and 2 y.o.)

Family photos


The second daughter in this family was born during the Maidan, which her father protected. And the young mother of two little girls was bravely waiting for her husband to return first from Maidan, and then from the ATO, realizing that he could not do otherwise. But the news of his death undermined her health. And then a many months ordeal of walking to the offices of well-fed indifferent bureaucrats in a desperate attempt to get at least some assistance after the death of breadwinner. Mykola was a volunteer; he or his commander did not issue his payment certificate, so his family was refused payment. The family does not have livelihoods. They need a shelter and medical care.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Korolko Mykola

Volyn region
24th Battalion of Territorial Defence Aidar
26 y.o.
deceased July 21st, 2014, in Luhansk, Donbas, East Ukraine
Mykola was lawyer, political scientist and expert in the history of Ukraine, bibliophile, who read ten books a week. Good friend, cheerful, friendly, reliable. A wonderful family man, who cherished his wife and daughters. And for their sake he fought for the unity of Ukraine and its freedom from dictatorship. After Maidan he went to the ATO and became a scout. He was killed by a tank shell.