Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
3 february 2015

Wife of the fallen Viktoria with two children

Family photos


This couple lived in peace and harmony, enjoying children and wishing to see them grown up. But the war destroyed their family comfort. Victoria cannot start work as she is taking care of the children, her son is disabled.She tries to give them everything they need, but the kids often fall ill and need treatment and rehabilitation.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Lupiks Janis Modrisovich

Chernihiv region 43 y.o. deceased November 17th, 2014 near the village Orlov-Ivanivka, Donetsk region
Janis dabbled with children like their peer. Resilient and humorist, he could cheer up everyone. He dreamed to visit his relatives on father sides in Latvia relatives as soon as circumstances permit. When trouble came to Ukraine, he did not hesitate to begin protecting his country. For two months he was an instructor teaching soldiers, then he became a sniper in anti-terrorist operation. With his partner, they become one whole, real brothers. After Janis blasted on a mine, his friend and family still can not recover.


Help Andriy, the son of a Ukrainian soldier Andriy Ishchenko fallen in east Ukraine during Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Required: 10 000 uah.

Help family of Yevhen Loskot, deceased Ukrainian soldier, participant of Russia-Ukraine conflict: wife Tetiana and son Taras

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