Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
4 february 2015

Wife of the fallen Alina and six months old daughter

Family photos


Young mother has many many things to do about the house and yard. She decided to stay in the village, where her husband is buried. But there are no perspectives to find a job in the countryside. Currently she is on maternity leave taking care for the little daughter.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Burko Yevhen Volodymyrovich

Kirovohrad region 22 y.o. deceased June 12th, 2014 in Stepanivka village, Donetsk region
Yevhen saw nothing but the best in others, even the front door he never locked, saying that there were no evil people in his native village. On the first date he managed to assure his future wife that they are soul mates and they were destined to be together. While building the house for the family he dreamed about happy future. He loved fishing, had a coin collection. He liked military stuff, wanted to go to the ATO. He left knowing that they will have a child, and on the day of his death his wife said that it would be a daughter. The baby was born 4 months after the death of her father.


Help parents of Yevhen Burko, Ukrainian soldier who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Collected: 1 265 uah.
Required: 14 400 uah.

Help Oleksiy Sienchev, father of fallen Serhiy Sienchev, Ukrainian soldier-participant of Russia-Ukraine conflict, 3rd detached regiment of special purpose

Collected: 2 533 uah.
Required: 19 200 uah.

Mother of the fallen Mariia

Collected: 3 631 uah.
Required: 18 708 uah.