Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
4 february 2015

Wife of the fallen Natalia with two daughters

Family photos


Two daughters remained without their beloved father, who led them through their lives, mentored them, and shielded from troubles. Anastasia soon is finishing school, so she is thinking over the choice of the career. Visiting our website one can help her make her dream come true.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Shapovalov Olexandr Hryhorovich

Kharkiv region 37 y.o. deceased October 14th, 2014 near the village of Novoaydar, Luhansk region
Since his early years, Olexandr was fond of sports, was engaged in wrestling and weightlifting. He also loved fishing and car repairs. He spent all his spare time together with the children, the family often visited his parents. He could not remain indifferent to what was happening in the country, and went to ATO as driver-repairman. Everything what he saw went through his heart, and the heart could not stand it.


Valentina Afanasievna, mother of the fallen

Collected: 6 806 uah.
Required: 16 800 uah.

Parents of the fallen

Collected: 10 530 uah.
Required: 39 888 uah.