Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 december 2014

Help the family of Gennadiy Kipishinov, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war: wife of the fallen Tatiana with two kids

«My husband died for his ideals, for his country, his Ukraine… Certainly I was scared – we have two kids, certainly I wanted to change his mind but when I looked in his eyes I understood that his decision was already made. What kind of man would he be if I was able to dissuade him from going…»

Family photos


Hennadiy with his own example taught his children compassion and the ability to be there for others. Their father went to rescue all the Ukrainian people from Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine, so let's show that we appreciate his deed and support the children of our defender!

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Kipishinov Gennadiy Yuryevich

Kherson region
2nd Battalion ov special purpose of National Guard of Ukraine Donbas
38 y.o.
14.10.1975 - 20.08.2014
Deceased August 20th, 2014 near Ilovaisk, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine, area of Russia-Ukraine war
Gennadiy used to over all appreciate decency and honesty in relationship. Loved nature, devoted much of his time to his kids. In fights near Ilovaisk was helping to save wounded and was killed under fire on August, 20th, 2 hours after talking to his wife on the phone and letting her know that they were encircled and fired upon by Russian tanks.