Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
13 march 2015

Wife of the fallen Natalia with two kids

Family photos


Natalia went through many months of uncertainty and anxiety grief. First, her husband went missing, and then there was the match in DNA test and funerals... All this time, she could not even cry - not to frighten the children even more. Now she is trying to cope with life's problems alone. The repair of their house that they were planning with her husband became an unattainable dream. Maybe people will respond and help to repair at least the most necessary?

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Shalatovskiy Vadym Volodymyrovych

Khmelnytsk region 31 y.o. died September 5, 2014 in the town of Shchastia (Happiness)
Every spare moment Vadim spent with children, he was ready to do anything for kids. Compassion, voluntary care and attention to the people were his main qualities. He shared compassion and care and did not expect anything in return. He loved nature, fishing and animals. After the start of the ATO, he told his wife that he will not lie on the couch and instead he will go to protect his family because he's a paratrooper. In the battalion, Vadim was remembered for care about wounded soldiers. Their unit got into the ambushed, which was archly set up by terrorists.


Help family of Serhiy Rokytskyi, fallen Ukrainian soldier of 24th detached mechanized brigade: Halyna and Dmytro, parents of the fallen

Collected: 1 862 uah.
Required: 3 600 uah.