Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
9 december 2014

Wife of the fallen Irina and daughter

«I still haven’t been able to tell my daughter that her father is not living anymore…»

Family photos


After Oleh's death little Veronika became the only consolation for his family. Iryna with daughter lives with at parents' as they do not have their own housing. We should not stay aside, when the family of the Ukraine's defender needs our support.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Lifintsev Oleh Vasyliovych

Kherson region 28 y.o. deceased June 14th, 2014 in Luhansk
Oleg has always achieved what he was aiming to get. After terrible crash he was able to restore his health back to normal and become a paratrooper. Outgoing, joyful, life-loving. As a child was his elder brother’s helper and a defender for his younger sister. Having created his own family wanted to earn his own home and travel with beloved wife and little daughter. However in the early morning hours of June, 14th his airplane was hit in the sky over Lugansk.