Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
14 march 2015

Ivan Kyrylovich, father of a fallen Ukrainian soldier needs help

Family photos


Ivan Kyrylovych calls his old age horrible, as in his 86 he remained without support: his wife died, his son got killed in the war in Eastern Ukraine during Russia-Ukraine conflict. Sometimes his granddaughter visits him, and a friend of his son provides help.
Recently Ivan Kyrylovych was operated on his eyes; now he needs finances for further treatment. But most of all this old man will be thankful for the moral support of caring people. Write to him at, warm his lonely heart!

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Dmytrenko Viktor Ivanovich

Poltava region
2nd battalion of special purpose National Guard Donbas
50 y.o.
11.01.1964 – 29.08.2014
died in Chervonosilske village near Ilovaisk
Viktor’s daughter was everything for him; he was fostering her by himself. He was kind, intelligent man, who loved sports, mechaanics, and fishing. He was giving a lot of care and attention to his parents. He was a faithful and devoted friend. The driving force in the decision to participate in the ATO was his intolerance to lies and deception that prevailed around, the desire to make Ukraine such country in which his daughter could happily live. He was the head of the unit, which was responsible for security in the battalion "Donbas". Their car was shelled by tanks near Ilovaisk.


Help Marta, the daughter of Valeri Boniakivski, Ukrainian soldier, who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict area

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