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Ukraine President congratulated Ukrainian Army soldiers on New Year and Christmas and heard the report on the situation in the Russian aggression area

Ukraine President congratulated Ukrainian Army soldiers on New Year and Christmas and heard the report on the situation in the Russian aggression area

In the course of the working trip to Donetsk region, President Petro Poroshenko arrived at the headquarters in the area of Shyrokyne together with the delegation of the U.S. Senators to congratulate the marines on the upcoming New Year.

Ukrainian Defense Minister General of the Army Stepan Poltorak and Chief of Defense General of the Army Viktor Muzhenko escorted the President on his trip.

The President visited the frontline positions of the Ukrainian army in the ATO area. The Head of State visited the marine unit of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, which holds the defense line in Shyrokyne.

Petro Poroshenko had a conversation with the personnel of the 36th separate marine brigade, congratulated the Ukrainian warriors on the coming New Year and Christmas and presented New Year gifts.

At the invitation of the Head of State, the delegation of the U.S. Senators headed by Senator John McCain has also examined the situation in the ATO area. The President also presented the Ukrainian award weapon to the American Senators.

The President held a meeting in the ATO headquarters and heard the report of the chief of staff on the situation in the ATO area, particularly in “M” sector where the shelling of the Ukrainian positions is still continued by pro-Russian militants.

Source: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Chernihiv commemorated fallen Ukraine Army soldiers-tankists

Chernihiv commemorated fallen Ukraine Army soldiers-tankists

In Chernihiv commemorated tank soldiers who defended Lugansk and Donetsk airports. Among the awarded (posthumously) who died in Russia-Ukraine war, is Major Eugene Loskot, whose family are wards of the Ukrainian public charity platform People Help The People. Glory to the heroes!
An example of courage, dedication of a large Ukrainian troops are defending Donetsk (242 days) and Luhansk airpots for 146 days. "Warriors cyborgs" - so they are etched in the memory of the Ukrainian people.

In Chernihiv, in the Cinema-hall and cultural arts center of national-patriotic education of children and youth awards for airports defense presented family members of the fallen soldiers of the 1st separate tank brigade that is stationed in the village Goncharivske.

Chernihiv community honored with the minute of silence the memory of the fallen in the battle for a free and independent Ukraine.

The event was attended by representatives of state administration, the military garrison and 1 single tank brigade, activists of the NGO "Single Family Chernihiv" and the Ukrainian Union of combatants in ATU "brother Ukraine."

- It should be noted that today armor play a crucial role in the defense of our country. First separate tank brigade - one of the largest and most powerful military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, - said Deputy Governor Sergey Sergienko.

Order of the Ukrainian Union of combatants in the ATO "brother Ukraine" for the shown personal courage, resilience and determination, found the performance of military duty in conditions associated with risk to life while protecting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine during the antiterrorist operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions badges transferred to family members:

"For the defense of the Lugansk airport":

senior soldier Aleksandrenko Sergey Nikolayevich

Soldier Maxim Pavlovich Andreichenko,

Soldier Bezhubchenka Sergey Borisovich,

Bruya soldier Nicholas V.,

Lieutenant Nikolay Kutsenko O.,

Sergeant Kutsan Gennady Vladimirovich,

Soldier Yuri Koval,

Lushchyk soldier Nicholas G.,

Tickling Major Yevgeny Alexandrovich,

Sergeant Mansurov Andrey Sergeyevich,

Soldier Miroshnichenko Peter Alexandrovich,

senior soldier Nagorno Sergei Mikhailovich,

Poor Captain Andrew V.,

Junior sergeant Rotoziya Dmitry V.,

Junior sergeant Titarenko Sergey Nikolaevich.

"For the defense of the Donetsk airport":

Sergeant Kundenka Vladimir Ivanovich,

Junior Sergeant Yuri Kostyuchenko,

Junior Sergeant Krivonos Stanislaw G.,

Titarchuka captain Vladimir Ivanovich,

Sergeant Valentin Anatolyevich Boyko,

Senior sailor Lavrenchuk Viktor Ivanovich,

Soldier Vyacheslav A. Nosenko,

Soldier Roman A. Korzun.

Eternal glory to the heroes of one single Guards Tank Brigade!

Source: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

"Every minute my children remind me of my Meruzh and our happy past. Only for them I live"

"Every minute my children remind me of my Meruzh and our happy past. Only for them I live"

Meruzh Miroshnychenko was one of the first Ukrainian volunteers who were killed in the East, in the crucible of war. The man changed his name in honour of Prince Meruzh who died in battle and saved the army, as if feeling his vision in life. "Meruzh always said that he did not want war to come to the streets Zaporizhzhia, so he volunteered to the East. Thanks to him and thousands of others like him, we can live a common life, but unfortunately, no hugs and support from beloved father", said Taisiya ​​Parshenko, wife of a DUK soldier (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps) killed by Russia-supportd separatists, Meruzh Miroshnychenko.

"Always friendly, cheerful, caring and gentle", the first thing Taisiya said about her husband. 

After the birth of Meruzh, jr. (so Meruzh Miroshnychenko called his son) the responsibility to ensure the family fell on the husband, he worked hard, but always hurried home because he knew the family were waiting for him, his dearest ones in warmth and comfort. "We always planned our life. Meruzh was a purposeful man. When he had spare time, we tried to relax together, we went to the park, to the cinema, went to the sea, went riding on a sled, played at home board games (chess, dominoes, Monopoly) or collected together children’s kit. Our son grew up in a family where love and harmony prevailed. When Meruzh jr. (son) studied in the 3rd class, the teacher asked the children: how do you begin your day? – Some said with the clock, some with coffee and so on. And ours answered – with kisses, and that surprised the teacher", says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian Army soldier.

When the war began, Meruzh Miroshnychenko, decided to volunteer to the East. "None of the family did know, I was in the last months of pregnancy and he suggested me to go visit my mother, I agreed. The son was sent to a sports camp, and Meruzh went to the Donbas", recalls Taisiya. 

Since then, in the summer of 2014, there was not any legislative framework for the volunteers in our state, so now Taisiya and two children of the deceased volunteer for the war Meruzha Miroshnychenko - 12-year-old Meruzh and 2-year-old Spartak, who was born after his father's death have to defend their right to decent social protection in the court. Now they are receiving social assistance for survivors, but its size is insufficient. The children often talk about their father, weep and mourn for him. They need to repair their home, a washing machine, a new gas stove, beds and clothes. Do not leave the family of the deceased volunteer Meruzh Miroshnychenko: wife Taisiya and two wonderful sons Meruzh and Spartak alone with their grief. 

To help the family of the fallen Ukraine soldier follow the link or use the bank requisites below:

PARSHENKO Taisiya Leontievna TAISIIA PARSHENKO 4188370027449068 (Raiffeisen Bank Aval)

About a fallen Ukraine Army soldier of Battalion "Kievan Rus", paricipant of Russia-Ukraine war in the Donbas Alexander Vahnyuk tells his wife Julia

About a fallen Ukraine Army soldier of Battalion "Kievan Rus", paricipant of Russia-Ukraine war in the Donbas Alexander Vahnyuk tells his wife Julia

The future spouses met each other visiting their mutual friends. "In the evening, I went to my friends and for the first time I saw Alexander. At first, I did not even notice him; I could not think that we would live together. However, Alexander I immediately liked me and, as he later admitted, it was then when he decided that we will be together", says the wife if the fallen Ukraine Army soldier. Since then, Alexander and Yulia started to meet more often. 

Together with his father, Alexander Vakhnyuk worked in Kyiv as a builder. They rented an apartment, but after some time, the father decided to return home (in Andrushevsky district, Zhytomyr Region), so Alexander faced the question where to live. "I do not remember who of us offered it, but it turned out that Alexander began to live with me. Because he did not have any education except secondary school and military service; he found a job as a security. I worked in the banking system". 

"After the birth of Ksenia, Alexander worked at several jobs to provide our family. He was very tired, but always tried to please me and, if possible, spend more time with us. We often went out for the barbecue. One of our favourite places was the park Feofania", says the wife of the deceased veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war. 

So was the Vakhnyuks’ family life. But the war made changed everything. Every evening, Alexander phoned Yulia to find out how she was. He told her he saw the Russian special forces on the Ukrainian territory. And once telephoned to say goodbye because squad was surrounded and everyone thought would not survive. "After having a pregnancy observation which showed everything was fine, I called him to tell about it, but Alexander did not answer, he only texted that he would  call back in the evening. But in the evening there was not a call. It was the end", said the wife of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. 

Alexander Vakhnyuk was considered missing, but through DNA test he was recognized among the dead bodies that were brought to Zaporizhzhia. After the death of Alexander Vakhnyuk, Yulia successfully gave birth to a child, another daughter Varvara, whom, unfortunately, her father never saw. Now Yulia with children: 8-year-old Ksenia and 1.5-year-old Varvara learn to live without their husband and father. The state pays child support but the family has not received the compensation in case of death and the housing from the state, as Yulia and Alexander were not officially married, so Alexander’s parents received this aid from the state. The children grow quickly; they need clothes and toys, and also a repair in the children’s room. Let's help the children of the deceased Ukrainian soldier Alexander Vakhnyuk.

To help the Ukraine Army soldier's family follow the link, or use the requisites below:

YULIIA VLASIUK 4188370027353674 Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Wife fights instead of fallen husband in Russia-Ukraine war. Story of family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor

Wife fights instead of fallen husband in Russia-Ukraine war. Story of family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor

"He wanted to protect me, daughter and Ukraine, and now I have to continue his work" 

"Good, thoughtful and brave warrior who could protect, comfort and support. The best husband and father", says Maryna Sydor about her husband, a fallen Ukraine soldier of Aydar Battalion Oleh Sydor (call sign Skiff), deceased in The Donbass during Russia-Ukraine war. After the tragedy, the death of her husband, this courageous woman decided to go to the front, where her beloved died, in order to continue the work of her husband: to protect our country and children. 

Because of his active social position, Oleh Sydor started his fight for justice and freedom even before the Revolution of Dignity. In January 2014, he continued the struggle for Ukraine in Maidan, the capital's Independence Square, where he first entered the 7th Hundred of Transcarpathian division of self-defence, and subsequently, headed the unit of rapid response Hawk. He took p[art in all of the most important battles on the Maidan. And then the Russia-Ukraine war started in the Donbas. 

"He might not go to the East, but he realized that he needed to defend the country", says Maryna. Oleh Sydor was a volunteer of the Aydar battalion from the time of its foundation. He was wounded several times. To recover and stay with family, he several times came home. "He told me about what he had experienced in the east. Oleh was a patriot, with a brave heart, brave and courageous defender", says Maryna. 

Almost two years have passed since the death of Oleh, but Maryna’s heart still pains. "I have long spoken about Oleh as a living. Everyone said to me that you cannot do so, you need to let go. I was able to do it only when I visited the city where Oleh was", says Maryna Sydor, the wife of a fallen Ukraine soldier. The woman signed a contract with the 128th detached mountain infantry brigade, to be able to go to Starobilsk in the land where her husband was and where he found his eternal rest. 

Kira, the daughter of the fallen Ukraine soldier accepted her mother's choice. "Kira told me that if it was necessary and important to you go there," said the wife of the deceased. So when the mother went to the zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Kira already went to school. She always remembers her dad and wants him back. The girl also daily calls her mother and tells how her day has passed and waits for her mother to finally return so that they are back together. As Oleh Sydor was one of the first volunteers, his family has not yet received support from the government. To live without a breadwinner and protector is difficult. Kira is growing fast, so she needs clothes. And Maryna Sydor wants to finish the house that they started to build with Oleh. Let's help the family of Ukraine soldier in the hard times.

Use requisites below to help the family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor:
MARYNA SYDOR 4188370027106643 Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Help Family of Ukraine Army soldier Roman Abramov fallen in Russia-Ukraine war

Help Family of Ukraine Army soldier Roman Abramov fallen in Russia-Ukraine war

"I do not know how to live without Roman, and the time does not cure. Good is that I have children for whom I live"

"A sincere smile of my husband will never be erased from memory. His kindness, strong shoulder on which I could rely so unexpectedly went into eternity. Love, miss and still do not believe that our dear Roman died", the first thing that Tetiana Abramova says, recalling deceased Russia-Ukraine war veteran a soldier of the 30th detached mechanized brigade Roman Abramov. 

The would-be spouses were introduced to each other by Tetiana’s sister. Roman was a friend of her husband. "Once they were having company. There I saw Roman for the first time. My sister and her husband wanted me to find myself a nice man and to get married. Interestingly, at first, neither I nor Roman liked the idea of dating. But then we got to talking and it turned out that we had a lot in common, the same outlook on life and similar interests", says the wife of the killed Ukraine Army soldier. 

After half a year the young people had a wedding-party. And soon there came a happy birth of Daniel, their first son. With the child, Roman Abramov began to pay more attention to the family and to help his wife. "I had a difficult pregnancy, and I had health problems even before. So Roman was always near me, helped me", says the woman. And two years later the couple enjoyed a second son Alexander. Tetiana says that the kids loved their Daddy, and he loved them. "He was with me at the birth, supported me. He was happy to hear each their word, was happy to have sons. He was very fond of strolling with them and cooking them, teaching them man's job", says the wife of Ukraine soldier. 

So Abramovs’ family lived, worked, had a happy life, and dreamed to educate children. But the war prepared for them a tragic ordeal. 

In the area of Russian aggression in Donbas, east Ukraine, Roman Abramov was at Savur-Mohyla, Donetsk region. When he called home, he did not tell the details to his not to make her worried. In the morning, the day of his death, he managed to talk to her. "At 5:50 am Roman called me and asked if something happened to him, to take care of the children and to put them on their feet and not to miss him. Then, I did not realize until the end, what he said", barely holding back her tears says Tetiana. On that day the Russian army constantly shelled the strategic height. In one of such attacks a shell that exploded nearby killed Roman. 

"For four days I could not get Roman on the phone. Then he appeared on the network. I was so excited. I thought I finally could hear his voice. I called him, but instead, I heard the voice of a nurse from the Dnipro morgue, she told me that Roman was killed. At first, I could not believe it and thought that might be a mistake. It simply could not be! But when I saw the body... it was my Roman, all burnet, but on the neck there was a silver chain", said Tetiana Abramova. 

"So I have to learn to live without Roman, and the time does not cure, it aggravates. It is good that there are children for whom I live", says Tetiana Abramova the wife of the veteran of Russia-Ukraine war in the East of Ukraine. 

Now the family of Ukraine soldier Roman Abramov -0 wife Tetiana and two children: 3-year-old Daniel and 5-year-old Sasha - live in the apartment, which they acquired with the help of the state. But the apartment needs repair. The children grow quickly and need clothes and toys. But most of all, they lack their father. They understand that their Daddy is a Hero, and know that he died in the war, but still hope that he will return. Let's not leave without support the family of Ukraine Army soldier Roman Abramov who was killed in Russia-Ukraine war.
Artur Muzyka, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war

Artur Muzyka, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war

My husband Lt. Col. Artur Muzyka began his military service in 1998 when he entered the Poltava Institute of Communications.
In 2004, we got married. In 2005, our son Mark цфы ищктю We were a strong and friendly family. The son followed his father Mark, copied his manners.
We traveled throughout Ukraine together with my husband in his service issues. And for five years we had lived in Kyiv. He served in the Directorate of Communications of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
In February 2015, he went on a combat mission to the city of Debaltseve in the war area in the Eastern Ukraine. When driving the car the crew was ambushed near the village Lohvinove and the whole crew was killed by the hands of Russian invaders. With the help of volunteers the body of my husband was found nearly a month later.
March 5, he buried in his homeland in the Kirovograd region, town Ulianivka.
By the Order of the President of Ukraine of 19.05.2015 he was assigned the next rank of colonel (posthumously) and was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, III degree (posthumously).
It is very difficult for me and my son to survive this loss, but he will remain forever in our hearts as the best husband and father...

Bank requisits for financial help:

TETIANA MUZYKA 4188370025872709 Raiffeisen Bank Aval
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The story of Roman Korchovnyi, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russian-Ukrainian war

The story of Roman Korchovnyi, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russian-Ukrainian war

Once upon a time ther elived a small but very happy family in the big city of Kyiv. Mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. They lived together happily. Every morning, I saw smiling loving eyes of mom and dad.

Dad and Mom worked, I went to school.
Most of all I liked the weekends - for me they were each a little holiday. Waking up in the morning I knew I was in for a surprise, prepared by parents. Because on Saturday and Sunday, our family always traveled. It did not matter where to, whether it was a trip to the forest, the river, or a trip to another city, an entertainment center, or a museum - we were a happy family.

Dad always taught me to be a real man. And I liked our little secrets, mine and dad's: another candy, more ice-cream. And most importantly, we have had a common dream with my dad, but it was destined to fail, because the war began. Together we wanted to have a little sister for me, and daughter for my father.

My father, like a real man, having received the summons, went to defend our homeland in the Eastern Ukraine from the Russian aggression. He loved me and mom, and protected us from unnecessary hassles, so even in the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone, he was telling us that he was at the site in the Lviv region.
My father was to come for vacation on Christmas holidays and at the same time to celebrate his 45th anniversary. He always kept his promises.

But unfortunately, this promise was very painful and bitter.
January 5, my mother and I could not get through to father on the phone. But there was another call... After that we were visited by two soldiers, and they told that my father's heart stopped during guard duty.
My dad was buried on the eve of his birthday.
Since that time, my happy childhood ended - there is no such fun weekend. And the most painful for me - my mother's eyes. She is still smiling at me, but I see the sadness in her eyes, and tears.

To help the Ukraine Army soldier's family follow the link
Hero of Heavenly Hundred Volodymyr Chaplinski. Life that was cut by a bullet

Hero of Heavenly Hundred Volodymyr Chaplinski. Life that was cut by a bullet

Volodymyr Chaplinski, like thousands of Ukrainians, went to the Maidan to express his protest against the policy of the state authorities and to defend the civilized choice of Ukraine and prevent the bloodshed, in which the authorities wanted to drown the free people.

Being there since the first days on the Maidan, Volodymyr joined the first night duty, because he believed that the experienced men like him had to stand the watch. "My husband is not a supporter of either the European or the Customs Union. But he has always said that the Ukrainian nation is very wise. It is unfair that we live so poor. After the students were beaten he could not keep silent any more. Then Volodymyr said that it was time to rise from the knees, and went to the Maidan", says Volodymyr's wife Svitlana.

Volodymyr Chaplinski on the Maidan was not included in any hundred. Since the first duty, he was by himself, and later made friends with other protesters. "At first, he stood his duty in the open air near the burning barrel. Then, together with the guys, they set the tent. It was his place... you see. Then he died near it" sais Svitlana barely holding back her tears.

Volodymyr Chaplinski was killed by a sniper shot in the neck, February 20, on the Institutska street. So his wife Svitlana had to look for witnesses of those tragic events, so that in the future she could receive help from the state. She made it. But her beloved husband and father will never return...

Volodymyr left two children: son Volodymyr, who is studying at the university and an 8-year-old daughter Violetta. "Every day it gets more and more difficult", says Svitlana. "You'll have a hard time trying to find a family like ours. Over 22 years of marriage we have never raised a voice against each other. Husband did everything so that we lived in abundance".
When in 2006 the family suffered a distress after they lost their newborn twins, only Volodymyr was able to lead his wife out of a deep depression and return to her faith in the future. And in 2008, Svitlana gave birth to a long-awaited daughter.

Volodymyr was a master of all trades. Fixed watches, went in forsports, loved to travel, and most of all he loved spending time with his family, for which he will remain forever an example of fairness, decency and patriotism.

His 8-year-old daughter Violettta dreams of her own bike.

Today, the family of Volodymyr Chaplinski is supported by the charity Platform People Help The People. You can provide help follolwing the link to the Chaplinskis family page.

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Valeri Bonyakivski, a Ukrainian officer, a voluteer. Children are the only thing that keeps the widows in this world. They are the reason to live...

Valeri Bonyakivski, a Ukrainian officer, a voluteer. Children are the only thing that keeps the widows in this world. They are the reason to live...

Valeri Bonyakivski went to Russia-Ukraine war as a volunteer, to protect Ukraine from Russia-supported terrorist groups in the Eastern Ukraine. As a reserve officer, he was remaining faithful to the oath as hundreds of other best sons of the Ukrainian nation; he could not calmly watch the events in the country. So, to stop the Russian aggression and maintain peace in our homeland, Valeri changed his everyday life, a warm family atmosphere, care of the wife and daughter for the thorny path of the warrior.

The life of Valeri Bonyakivski ended on October 16, 2014, as a result of mortar attack near the village Netaylovo, Yasinuvata district, in the Donbass, east Ukraine. He is head of the reconnaissance and sabotage group, together with his subordinate Ukrainian soldiers settled out for a mission, from which, unfortunately, he was not destined to return. Valeri’s name is forever imprinted in people's memories and in the recent history of Ukraine as an example of invincibility, the strength of spirit, and the service to his people and country. The hero was posthumously celebrated at the state level, awarded the Order “For courage” III degree, the honours "For the faithful people of Ukraine" and the degree and medal from Ukrainian Orthodox church Kyiv Patriarchy "for sacrifice and love for Ukraine".

But the most precious thing that was left behind is his dear ones. His family is now under the guard of People Help The People, the charitable Platform of the direct targeted assistance to the families of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone in the east Ukraine. "Valeri was a kind man with a big heart", this is the first thing his wife says about Valeri. The woman says that she met her future husband yet in schooldays. Even then Valeri always had his own opinion, was fair and ready to help.

Since his childhood, Valeri wanted to fly, so straight from school, he entered the pilots’ school in Luhansk. His military base stationed at the time in Grozny, Chechnia. That's when he first felt the Chechen hospitality: afternoon the Chechens smiled friendly, but at night "treated" with shelling. Halyna recalls the stories of her husband about Chechen hirelings in the ranks of the terrorists in the Donbas.

"Since childhood, Valeri loved to draw, this was useful in hard times. After the disbandment of his military unit, the pilot career was interrupted. Valeri became an artist, painted the pictures, was a member of the Artists' Union, made tattoos for famous people in Poltava", says Halyna.

Then the couple had a daughter Marta. The girl is very proud of her father. She remembers vacations at the sea, the toys, drawing and riding out of town with daddy. Marta inherited from the father her life guidance and confidence. And she looks very similar. Now studies at school, and like her father loves drawing. Attends drawing classes. Mother Halyna feels like her husband was not killed, he is just not nearby. Imagine how would be good to them, as before, three happy life...

You can help Marta, the daughter of Boniakivski following the link to the family page.

Today Halyna Boniakivska masters a new profession, because she understands that now the future of her daughter depends only on her. Of course, the father will never return. Anything we can do for them is to try to help the Bonyakivski’s family. Give good emotions and necessary things. Marta needs a bed with orthopaedic mattress and a tablet.

The public charity Platform People Help The People calls upon all people of good will not to stand by but help Marta. "Children are the only thing that keeps the widows in this world. They are the reason to live", says Halyna Boniakivska, the widow of a fallen hero.

You can help Marta, the daughter of Boniakivski following the link to the family page.

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